Botanical Self-Healing for pets
for health, happiness and vitality

What is Botanical Self-Healing?

Botanical Self-Healing for pets is the wonderful process of offering a range of botanicals such as herbs, minerals, algae, plant extracts, essential oils, macerated oils, herbal and floral waters to our pets.  With careful observation and facilitation we can empower our pets with  opportunities of choice, wellness, balance and vitality. 

In the wild, animals naturally self-select.   Using their innate senses of taste and smell, they know exactly what to choose from their environment; plants, grasses, flowers, leaves, berries, roots and soil to maintain optimum health and help heal wounds or rid themselves of parasites.

By offering your companion a botanical self-healing session you provide your pet with the gift of choice, to choose what they naturally instinctively sense will help them be the best they can be, physically and emotionally.