Julie and Michael Taylor - we are a husband and wife team with a passion and a real love of animals.   We live in a delightful cottage on the outskirts of Cirencester  next to the beautiful Bathhurst Estate where we  enjoy the ever changing seasons and wonders of the countryside.

We are dedicated to our eleven year old female rescue dog, called Dills.  She brings us joy, fulfilment and challenge every day and is our inspiration for learning about animal behaviour and wellness.

Our family, our health, the health of our pets, the environment and the health of our planet, are at the forefront of our lives.  With continual learning and personal development, hands on experience, a distinction in Small Animal Health and Welfare, training in Tellington Touch massage technique and first aid,  kennel club awards,  insurances and license, and accreditation in botanical self-healing,  rest assured  your pets are safe in  our hands.

All Paws Cirencester

Our animal passions led us to start All Paws Cirencester  and our vision of loving other peoples pets as much as our own, treating all the animals in our care as part of our family. For over eight years we have provided pet care services in Cirencester and the surrounding villages, caring for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, tortoises, chickens, degu's, rats, fish and reptiles. We provide home boarding, pet sitting in clients homes, pop in visits, dog walking, doggy day care and doggy holidays. Please see All Paws Cirencester for further information.

Learning about Zoopharmacognosy 

The health and welfare of our pets our top priority.   To this end we embarked on an amazing journey; studying, listening to and participating in Zoopharmacognosy workshops with an internationally  re-known expert Caroline Ingraham.  Caroline has travelled extensively working with the veterinary world and other interested parties to increase understanding and education in the world of self-medication.  Julie completed three unique workshops led by Caroline in Applied Zoopharmacognosy for Canines, Felines and Humans. 

Understanding that animals are capable of making choices to heal themselves, and our pets given the opportunity are too,  is a  powerful light-bulb moment! 

Watching your dog or cat choose and communicate with you and being able to facilitate this process deepens your relationship and strengthens your bond to a new and inspiring humbling level.  Believe us when we say it is awesome!

Dipping our toes in the 'botanical' waters

Dills our rescue Collie, was the first in our family to benefit from our new found knowledge of canine-pharmacognosy or botanical self-healing for dogs, using at first just a small selection of herbal waters and essential oils to help with her fear of loud bangs, gunshot noises, excitability and travel sickness.  Now our toolkit is a treasure trove of organic herbs, powders, macerated oils, floral waters and other delights which we all dip into, as and when we need to, and sometimes just to explore and enjoy the connections the process brings.


All Paws Botanics  Mission

We are very excited to launch All Paws Botanics.  By supporting, sharing, working with and empowering other pet owners to learn and use botanical self-healing, we will achieve our mission of enriching the health and lives of our companion pets.

All Paws Botanics Values

Our values are simple: honesty, integrity, transparency, respect for each and every animal and owner and the environment. 

We will  be demonstrating  our commitment to conservation by giving our support to the World Preservation Foundation  (WPF) who last year initiated Billiontreesayear , a tree planting project in impoverished regions of the world where jungles are being devastated and ecosystems damaged by deforestation. We pledge to plant a tree for every consultation.

All Paws Botanics and Botanical Self-Healing for pets 

Julie has undertaken a recognised  intensive practitioner programme in Botanical Self-Healing,  accredited with UKRS and  tutored by Rachel Windsor Knott, one of Caroline's former students and advocate for giving animals a voice.  Julie is one of the first of her peers to qualify and is now proud to be integrating her knowledge and experience into her daily life and work with her clients, her pets and her family.  Specialising in companion animals, especially dogs and cats,  she works with clients in one to one Botanical Self-Healing sessions and provides ongoing facilitation,  enabling her clients and animal friends to continue maintaining and improving health, wellness and vitality.